What is the difference between pillowcase and pillow shams?

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You may be asked, “What is the difference between pillowcases and pillow shams.” This is a topic of controversy whereby some people believe in the misconception that a pillow sham and a pillowcase are one. Of course, both serve a universal purpose because they’re slipcovers for pillows. However, most people can’t tell which is which.

Not only do the pillow shams and pillowcases sound alike, but they also have a similar look. However, a pillowcase is there to ensure maximum protection of your pillow. Also, it keeps it clean and neat as you sleep. On the other hand, a pillow sham is typically used as a superb decorative detail and also protects your pillow.

Pillowcases vs. Pillow Shams

Though both pillowcases and pillow shams are slipcovers for bed pillows, the two serve different purposes. In fact, they’re designed differently but perfectly to compliment your bed linens. One thing is that good sleeping habits ensure a healthy, balanced, and productive life. Here are the keys differences;

Design purpose

Pillow Case


In terms of design purpose, the two are categorically different. Pillowcases are more functional while pillow shams tend to be less functional but more decorative. This means that a pillowcase is designed with an agenda of providing an extra layer to you while you sleep. Moreover, it protects the pillow from unnecessary and external particles that may come from your skin oil, hair, perspiration, and drool.

Conversely, a pillow sham is essentially designed as a ‘decorative pillow case.' You'll love its decorative touch. If you want to add an amazing touch with the aim of decorating your room, just go for a sham. No doubt, it's a perfect addition. They're designed to complement your duvet cover, quilt or coverlet.

Design elements

Because of the differences between their purposes, shams and pillowcases are also totally different when you assess their individual design elements. For example, you'll find pillow cases in just plain colors. If lucky, you may get some with trimmings. Whereas, shams predominantly feature more intricate patterns than pillowcases. Shams are more beautiful because they're adorned with ornate and embroidery laces.

A pillowcase is made of unique light fabrics while a sham is made of the same or sometimes thicker fabrics. A sham sometimes is more cushioned such as it can easily lie on top of the bedspread and comforter.

A pillowcase is generally open at one end and a fabulous decorative finishes on the cuff in addition to a tuck. If you look at the pillow sham, you’ll discover it also has the special tuck fluff that is designed at the back.

Pillow Sham

Because of their decorative nature, pillow shams might be the amazing solution to your boring pillow. Nonetheless, if you're looking for maximum comfort and optimal sleeping habits, just get a pillowcase.

Why you Need a Pillow Sham?

Apart from answering the question, “what is the difference between pillowcases and pillow shams?” you need to know more about shams. Let us proceed and see the benefits of a pillow sham. 

Protection for your pillows, with shams in your house, you a great chance of saving the money. Purchasing decorative pillows is usually costly when done regularly. However, shams are here to protect your pillows. You only need to wash them and preserve your pillows.

Improves your bedroom ambiance. Everyone is a fun of this, because we're environmental creatures, we need a cool atmosphere including sleep. With a pillow sham, your bedroom will be fully enriched with the ooze of calm, rest and beauty. Eventually, you'll feel good and enjoy your bedroom.

Variety of designs and colors. Pillow shams come with different designs, colors, patterns, and fabrics. This diversity gives you a chance to make a better choice.


Pillow shams and pillowcases are great accessories when it comes to embellishing your bedroom. While a pillow case offers protection to your pillows, a sham brings a decorative look. The beauty of these two is that they come in many pretty designs, colors, patterns, and fabrics. With this comprehensive coverage, I believe that your question, "What is the difference between pillowcase and pillow shams”, is fully answered together with other facts. For your bedroom beautification, you need these accessories.

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