How often should you change your bed sheets?


If you’re wondering why you need to change your bed sheets frequently, consider these points.

Bacteria accumulate and thrive on beddings

Our bodies have millions of microorganisms; some are beneficial to us while others cause diseases. When our bodies get into contact with linens, we transfer these micro-creatures to them.

And when someone is sick, they’ll transfer the disease-causing organisms to the bedding, thus making those that share the same bedding to be at risk of attracting the germs.

For example, if you have the flu and share a bed with your loved one, there is a high likelihood that you’ll spread the flu to your partner through the bedding. This is one reason why bed sheets in hospital settings must be changed daily.

According to a Canadian Microbiologist Jason Tetro also known by another name as “The Germ Guy,” human beings are walking bags of microorganisms—we shed millions of these microbes each hour!  

Research published in the Journal of Clinical Microbiology revealed that the groin, head, and legs are the most parts of the body that contaminate our bedding.

Additionally, your breath can also transfer germs to your sheets.

For bacteria to multiply they require food water and warmth; our sweat, body oils provide these conditions, dead cells, and warmth from our bodies.

Most of the bacteria that arise from our bodies are less harmful—but remember your sheets will acquire a funny odor if not changed regularly.

The most harmful bacteria are those we introduce from outside through our bodies and clothes. They are potential pathogens and might cause disease if they gain entry into our bodies.

Skin infections are a significant concern for those who change their bed sheets less frequently. According to Tetro, dandruff and acne mainly arise from dirty sheets.

Dust mites and allergens hide in bed sheets

Dirty bed sheets are the home of dust mites. These are microscopic living beings that live in your bedding if proper cleanliness isn’t observed.

Dust mites are a serious concern for those with mite’s sensitivities. Our bodies continually shed dead cells that will end up on the bed sheet and become foods for dust mites.

Dust mites are a crucial concern for the asthmatic individuals  

Bed sheets collect and accumulate dirt

Dust, sweat, and dirt are the optimum growth conditions for dust mites and bacteria. Bed sheets accumulate body oils.

Pets and bedding

Pets and bedding

Having pets is a delight and having them sleep in your bed is even a more joyous experience, but make sure to wash your bedding as recommended. Pets tend to carry dust and shed as they naturally should which would happen when they jump on your bed.  

how frequently should you change your sheets

So, how frequently should you change your sheets?

A recent study by YouGov poll found out that one out of every twenty individuals washes their bed sheets only once per month.

A third of these individuals wash their sheet after two weeks. Thus it’s only a small percentage of individuals who wash their bed sheets as recommended—once per week.

According to a Microbiologist by the name Laura Bowater, everyone should wash their bed sheets every week on a minimum; this guarantees killing of up to 60% of bacteria in these bedding.

Another Microbiologist, Phillip Tieno of the New York University, also recommends washing bed sheet once a week. “One week is the maximum one should use sheets before washing,” says Tieno.

After one week, your bed will become a habitation of germs and a serious threat to your health and those close to you.

Though most of us do not consider washing bed sheets every few days, leaving our sheet dirty is the sure way to allergies response, skin infections, and other threats.

Never forget the pillows

As you wash your sheets and pillowcases, you should ever forget to clean the pillows. Dirt, sweat, and bacteria get access to the pillows, thus the need to wash them though the pillow cases protect them.

At least twice each year, wash your pillows.

Washing your pillows more often will enable them last longer besides eliminate foul smell.

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