What is the Difference between Fitted and Flat Bed Sheets?

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Bed sheets play a significant part when it comes to the hygiene and dressing of a bed. Two types of sheets exist and they include fitted and flat bed sheets. Some people have only one type of the two whereas some have both of them because they play different purposes.

Fitted Bed Sheets

Fitted bed sheets have an elastic band around them which allows them to cover the mattress firmly. Therefore, they protect the mattress and give a smooth surface for a person to feel comfortable. Fitted sheets are easy to spread because the elastic band sticks on to the mattress and does not move when you are sleeping. If you have a problem of waking up lying on a plain mattress because you pushed the sheets to the bottom of the bed, then having a fitted bed sheet is the solution.

Pro Tip

You should have the exact width and length of the mattress before you buy a fitted bed sheet. This will ensure that you buy a fitted bed sheet that will hug all the corners of your mattress at the right places forming a flat surface. If you buy a bigger sheet, then the center will be raised and the bed will look messy. Also, if you buy a smaller one it will not fit which will be a waste of money.

To Remove

Despite fitted bed sheets fitting exactly on your mattress. They are easy to remove if you want to clean. All you need to do is pluck one of the corners and pull all the other corners which will easily be removed. These sheets are easy to wash, and thus you can wash it at home, you don't need to spend money on dry-cleaners. Fitted bed sheets are substantial as they ensure you have a comfortable smooth surface.

Flat Bed Sheets

On the other hand, a flat bed sheet is placed on top of the fitted bed sheet. Therefore, it is the sheet that exists between you and the blanket or duvet. It makes the bed look more welcoming.

There are many styles of spreading the flat sheet. Get creative and you will admire your bed every time you get home.

Protects the Duvet Cover

A flat sheet protects your blanket or duvet and thus, it is less likely for you to wash your duvet cover. Most people believe not using a flat sheet takes away an extra step when spreading the bed. Unfortunately, they wash their duvet covers more frequently than those who have flat bed sheets. Therefore, it is vital to have a flat sheet. Moreover, flat sheets protect the fitted bed sheets during the day. They protect them from absorbing any air particle if a duvet is not spread on top of the sheets. Flat sheets do not have the elastic bands and thus it has to be tucked in properly in the mattress or it can be left hanging which makes the bed look attractive. You can get creative on this, for example, if your bed is all white, you get a light grey flat sheet and leave it hanging to create a nice contrast.

Barrier for Skin

Certain skin irritants including parasites and dust can live for long periods on the mattress. Flat sheets help protect the skin from coming in contact with these irritants as they protect your body. Moreover, the materials used to make flat sheets which include cotton and linen have natural moisture repellants which help cool the skin if irritation is encountered. Also, some duvets and blankets can be uncomfortable especially when they are new. Fortunately, if you have a flat sheet between you and the duvet, you will not feel the irritation, but instead, you will feel the smoothness of the flat sheet.

Good for Any Weather

Another advantage of flat bed sheets is that they are helpful in any weather. During the summer and in hot areas, the flat sheet can be used as a blanket. People who live in hot countries and cities do not have blankets, they rely on flat sheets and they are healthy and wake up feeling comfortable. Moreover, as mentioned earlier the sheets have natural moisture repellants, and thus you will not wake up soaked in sweat during the hot times. During the winter, they serve as an extra layer in bed which offers warmth. Therefore, flat bed sheets are also important to have in your bed.

Both of these bed sheets have different purposes that they serve and thus it is essential to have both of them for a night of healthy and comfortable sleep.

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