How To Care For (And Fold) Sheets


Laundry experts say to wash once a week to keep your sheets smelling fresh and to improve longevity. According to Real Simple, “Sheets should last three to five years if properly cared for." To help you get the most from your sheets, we’ve collected the best tips from our experts.

Pick your wash temperature based on soil level

Coldwater: Most economical and, given today’s technologies, gets sheets clean effectively without setting in protein stains or fading colors.

Warm water: Good middle ground for getting oils and makeup out but more gentle on the fabric than hot water.

Six ways to reduce wrinkles

1. Don’t overfill your dryer

2. Take sheets out immediately after last spin cycle so the wrinkles don’t set in

3. Try using dryer balls to soften. Wool dryer balls are the most gentle but any dryer or tennis ball will work

4. Spritz sheets with water once back on the bed; a little fragrance is nice too.

5. Wash on delicate cycle

6. Wash sheets only with other sheets

How to fold a fitted sheet

It seems the trickiest thing about washing sheets is folding that funny shaped fitted sheet. Here’s how to do it easily with an end-result that looks good and won’t add wrinkles like stuffing them in a pillowcase will.


Tips for increasing the life of your sheets

1. Keep the heat lower. Hot water and dryer temperatures can break down the fibers in the fabric more quickly. That’s where all that lint comes from!

2. Use mild detergent and reduce the amount of detergent to as little as half of the recommended amount. This can help keep those fibers stay strong as well.

3. Minimize bleach, whiteners, and softeners

4. Air dry, especially outdoors in the sun; you’ll get that fresh air smell as a bonus

Sheets are easy to maintain with a weekly wash. And, these few little tricks will keep them comfy and cozy for longer.

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